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Honest & Caring Service

At Optical Excellence, we have a varied selection of fashionable eyewear – for prescription glasses, sunglasses, athletic or specialty-purpose lenses and frames. Bruce Tobin, our dedicated and award-winning Optician cares deeply about eye and vision health, solving problems and of course satisfied customers. He can expertly fit your contact lenses for optimal vision and comfort. Bruce works closely with the Irlen Syndrome Institute in California, providing and cutting lenses for patients in the Ottawa region. We sell our eyewear products and services in Ottawa, Canada, and to valued clients in the US, UK and Germany – we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Our award-winning services include

From yesterday’s warm reception at the door, to the surprising while-you-wait repair. My longtime favourite frames seemed beyond hope, as they barely hung on my nose as I drive. But I couldn’t part with them. You took care of the rusty hinge spring, realigned the arms, replaced the stripped screw, and got them sparkling like new again. Your store’s styling made the wait a breeze; akin to visits we’ve had to the beautiful chic shops in old European cities. The level of restoration-repair craftsmanship seemed to have been sourced from the same. I do look forward to my next visits with you. The frames you bring in are truly tantalizing:)